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Different Types of Automotive Floor Jacks

If you own a car, you just have to have an automobile floor jack in your maintenance toolkit. When you buy a car you will get a specific automotive jack with it, but you may need to replace it in the future if you break or lose it. If you buy a used car you may not get it at all. Different automotive floor jacks are suited for different types of vehicles, that is why you should be very careful when choosing one for your car to be safe.

In most cases car jacks are used to raise a portion of a car. Car owners often used it when changing a tire, but there a lot of other ways of using it. As usual a car jack can lift only a part of a car (a corner, for example), but there are some specialized jacks which are able to raise the entire back or front of the car if needed.

Automotive companies prefer to provide scissor jacks with their cars. Here the central screw mechanism is used to raise and lower the car jack. This mechanism is brought to action by a special handle (supplied with a jack) or by a simple tire removal tool.

For larger vehicles like trucks you will have to use a high-lifting jack with a tall metal pole, large base plate and a ratcheting mechanism, because lifting such a weight is not an easy task.

Hydraulic automotive jacks are very popular as well. There are both wheeled and non-wheeled versions of hydraulic jacks.

Automobile mechanics often use big automotive floor jacks, which roll under a car, at their shops. One can lift the whole back of a car with such a jack.

Safety features of car jacks make sure that you avoid accidental injuries. They have wide bases which prevent them from sloping or sinking into the soil. Car jacks are equipped with a special handle in most case, but many of them can be operated with a tire tool as well. There is a stop point on a jack, which is why you cannot extend it beyond the given level.

Having a car jack at hand when on the road has a lot of benefits. With a car jack you can quickly and easily change a tire in a situation when there is no one to help you or when you think that calling for assistance will be too expensive. But emergent situations are not the only time when you will find it helpful. If you like to do all the maintenance by yourself, a car jack will help you to change belts, oil, brake pads, etc. So, we may conclude from the above that an automotive floor jack is a must-have for every car owner.

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